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Fishing Kayaks: Large vs. Small - Choosing the Best for You

For avid fishermen, finding the perfect fishing kayak can be as crucial as selecting the right fishing rod. With so many options on the market, one of the most...
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Paddle Kayaks Vs. Pedal Kayaks: A Comprehensive Review

Kayaking is arguably one of the fastest-growing recreational outdoor activities. In fact, recent statistics show that the sport is rapidly gaining popularity –...
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Pedal kayak: the reasons for its success

The world of kayaking has seen how in recent years it has evolved to turn this type of boat into an increasingly sophisticated and versatile one. Gone are the old...
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Double kayak: the best option to enjoy in company

A positive and very beneficial aspect of kayaking as a sport is that it can be categorized into both groups. If we have an individual sea kayak, which we use...
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How to choose a fishing kayak?

We are not always sure which kayak is best for us, and this is what I will talk about a bit about today.
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Winter or sea tempests that prevent us from going to practice our preferred fishing method are the ideal moments to make our kayak more important.
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Reasons why the fishing kayak is the perfect way to enjoy the sea

Fishing from kayak is widespread and deeply rooted in our country. There are many factors that make sea kayaking an ideal way to enjoy long days at sea.
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Sea kayaking as a nautical sport in Spain

Kayaking is a sport that is available to everyone. So much so, that nowadays the propulsion method is not exclusively rowing, but the pedals have been imposed in...
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7 ideas to give Galaxy Kayaks this Christmas

On many occasions, during these important dates, we tend to have certain problems when choosing the perfect gift for our children, parents, siblings, partners or...
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Quick guide to choosing the best fishing kayak

The offer of models and varieties of sea kayaks suitable fThe offer of models and varieties of sea kayaks suitable for fishing has increased in recent years...
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