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  • Battery and Charger Pack for Fish Finders, Chart Plotter and GPS 12V - 7AH Battery and Charger Pack for Fish Finders, Chart Plotter and GPS 12V - 7AH
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    Battery PoweryMax PowerKit TX50

    50Ah TX50 Series PoweryMax Battery. Latest generation portable Lithium battery to power 12v electric motors for both fishing from Boat, Duck, Kayak or Catamaran. With PoweryMax TX50 you can also power your electronic equipment at the same time that you recharge or power your electronic devices. 2 applications in 1. Reliable, Light, Waterproof and Durable.

    329,25 € 439,00 € -25%
  • Battery PoweryMax Power Kit PX25

    25Ah PoweryMax PowerKit PX25 battery. Bad capacity, bad autonomy, bad devices to feed. The fishing revolution from Embarcación, Pato, Kayak or Catamaran has been released from the PoweryMax hand, reliable, safe and really portable batteries applicable to all extreme sports or outdoor where it is necessary to recharge and feed electronic devices.

    149,25 € 199,00 € -25%

Customers reviews

Juan Francisco S.
El trato excelente, consejos como en ningún sitio, material de 10 .
Después de 10 años sigo confiando plenamente el...
David F.
Excelentes! Como siempre!
Tomás Á.
Alborán FX
Muchas gracias por el asesoramiento previo a la compra. El kayak que compre modelo Alborán FX es una máquina, calidad!


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