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  • Alborán FX Alborán FX
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    Alborán FX + Torqeedo Ultralight

    Galaxy Alborán FX + Torqeedo Ultralight The Alboran FX is the first flipper powered pedal kayak from Galaxy Kayaks. This fishing kayak is based on our hugely successful Alboran model and comes with some amazing upgrades that take this kayak to the next level.   Features:Ultraline-Flippers - For fast and effective pedalling Live bait well Four...

    3 419,05 € 3 599,00 € -5%
  • Alborán FX Atlantic Ocean Pack
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    Alborán FX Atlantic Ocean Pack

    The Alborán is our top of the line sit on top fishing kayak. Now you can have it for an amazing price as part of the Alborán Atlantic Ocean Pack, which comes with everything you need to get out fishing off your kayak. It includes the Alborán fishing kayak along with a Plastimo Trophy Buoyancy Aid and a trolley to transport your kayak. Just choose the...

    1 550,40 € 1 632,00 € -5%
  • Alborán FX Infinity Pack

    1 744,19 € 1 835,99 € -5%
  • Alborán FX Pack Dentón
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    Alborán FX Pack Dentón

    The Alborán is our top of the line fishing kayak. Now you can have it for an amazing price as part of the Alborán Pack Dentón, which comes with a brilliant fish finder so you can see what’s beneath the water. It includes the Alborán fishing kayak along with the  fishing kayak along with the Lowrance Hook 4X fish finder (you can choose any fishfinder by...

    1 597,89 € 1 681,99 € -5%

Customers reviews

Juan Francisco S.
El trato excelente, consejos como en ningún sitio, material de 10 .
Después de 10 años sigo confiando plenamente el...
David F.
Excelentes! Como siempre!
Tomás Á.
Alborán FX
Muchas gracias por el asesoramiento previo a la compra. El kayak que compre modelo Alborán FX es una máquina, calidad!


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