The offer of models and varieties of sea kayaks suitable for fishing has increased in recent years thanks to the increase in fishermen looking for a means to navigate and achieve large catches.

The supply of models and varieties of sea kayaks suitable for fishing has increased in recent years thanks to the increase in fishermen seeking a means with which to navigate and achieve large catches.

fishing kayaks require not only equipment and accessories focused on fishing activity, but also morphological characteristics that allow fishing to be practiced safely, lightly and comfortably. Therefore, we summarize below some of the characteristics that a sea kayak must meet to be suitable for fishing .


Stability is a fundamental aspect in a kayak, whether fishing or recreational. That a fishing kayak is stable gives us an important advantage when fighting against a large catch. Stability depends, fundamentally, on the lower structure of the helmet and, above all, on its sleeve (width). Generally, the larger your sleeve, the more stable it will become. However, as we indicated above, the manufacture of the hull in its support in the water also plays an important role, since it will determine the behavior of the kayak not only in navigation but also when stopped.

La estabilidad en la pesca es fundamental

It should be noted that the skill and experience of the kayaker also plays a determining role in achieving stability on board. For this reason, the novice user may find himself unsafe or unstable no matter how much sleeve a kayak has. For this, we recommend using stabilizers for kayak , which make the device impossible to tip over in the water.


kayak fishing requires movements to different points in the shortest possible time, especially in competitions. In addition, a fast fishing kayak gives an extra security and confidence when embarking to sail. The speed depends, in this case, on the length of the kayak and, as a point in common with the stability, on its construction and beam.

Based on theory, the fastest kayaks are usually the narrowest (shortest beam), the longest longitudinally and the ones with a steeper keel. This may seem at first glance to be a problem when looking for a stable and fast kayak. However, the experience we have at Galaxy Kayaks , added to a continuous study that we submit to all our kayaks every year, has given us the possibility of developing kayaks that combine the characteristics of stability and perfect speed for kayak fishing.


Another aspect that we recommend you take into account when choosing a kayak for fishing is the space on board. By this we refer to lockers, capacity of the aft cockpit, space under the seats or other areas where we can deposit our catches protected from the sun, spare clothing, fishing equipment, etc.

As a minimum, we recommend that the kayak come equipped with a hatch for accessories under our legs and another, if possible, at the bow of the fishing kayak. In the first one we will keep our tackle, scissors and fishing lines to have them on hand at all times. While in the compartment located at the stern we can store spare clothes, anchor or even caught fish. The lower bathtub must have enough space to carry a refrigerator or box.

Obviously, the fishing kayak also has to come with some built-in rod holders and, preferably, some accessory installation rails, since there we can place a fishing probe.


Finding kayaks that meet all the characteristics that we have mentioned in this article is possible in Galaxy Kayaks . Most of our fishing kayaks They are designed by and for fishermen who have been perfecting current models for many years. Some of the most prominent are the following:

Alboran HV and Alboran FX

The fishing kayak  best known in our country. The differences between HV and FX are, basically, that the propulsion method of one of them is by rowing (HV) and the other by pedals (FX). The Alboran models are fast kayaks (409 cm long), stable (80 cm wide) and with all the necessary space to not miss anything. It has a huge central hatch that is also a nursery, a large aft cockpit, a large capacity bow hatch with a watertight lid, a system of rails on both sides for the installation of accessories and two recessed pipe racks on the sides of the seat.

Explore FX

The great novelty in the Galaxy Kayaks catalog this 2021 has been the Explora FX. A super stable (80cm) fishing kayak that offers fantastic speed in a shorter length than its brother Alboran HV and FX. Tambucho-nursery, compartment in the bow, large cockpit, rails, pole holders ... All in 325 centimeters long and weighing only 26 kg, which makes it a great alternative in fishing kayaks.

Cruz Pro Angler

For those who are looking for a smaller fishing kayak, light in weight and easy to maneuver but without negatively impacting the aspects that we have previously considered important, we find the Cruz: a fishing kayak that offers everything in a size of so only 283 centimeters long and a very contained price.