Galaxy Guide Explained – opinions on kayaks

The Galaxy Guide is Galaxy Kayaks' method of rating one of its own kayaks against another. We do not claim this as a way to compare us against other brands as each has its own strengths and weaknesses and people have their own rightful opinions on kayaks.

It is meant as a guide to assist customers in the purchasing decision process. It is not an end all way of deciding which kayak to purchase yet it can be useful to those who want to distinguish one kayak from another.

The Galaxy Guide is only used to compare one Galaxy Kayak against the others in our product range.

Galaxy Guide

Speed is the top speed the kayak can reach. A rule of thumb is that larger kayaks will achieve faster speeds. Speed also refers to how fast the kayak slows down once you stop paddling. As with the above the longer kayaks tend to glide further on the water although they may take longer to reach top speed.

Distance is how far the kayak can travel thanks to its build and again down to its length. The length of the kayak and its hull shape determines if it’s better for covering longer distances.

Stability is down to the width and build of the kayak. Our kayak fishing models are all designed to maximise stability, which helps when out fishing.

The weight is how heavy the kayak is compared to others. Larger kayaks will by nature be heavier as there is more of it.

As a general rule the lighter shorter kayaks are also more manoeuvrable and quicker to turn. The shorter kayaks can be stopped quicker and manoeuvred into tighter spaces. Of course having a rudder greatly increases your turning efficiency and has to be contemplated on the guide chart.

This is an important factor to consider when purchasing a kayak. Some people like to bring lots of equipment while others prefer a minimal set up. The amount of storage a kayak offers obviosly affects your decision.


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