The world of kayaking has seen how in recent years it has evolved to turn this type of boat into an increasingly sophisticated and versatile one. Gone are the old kayaks in which stability or speed had to be sacrificed to satisfy other aspects, or where comfort and practicality were not considered relevant. Today, brands such as Galaxy Kayaks, bets everything on R & D to offer the end user a product that meets all their needs, whether in the field of fishing or walking.

Thus, the natural progress that the sector has experienced, especially in the last decade, has led the world of kayaking to the current position in which pedal kayaking takes an increasingly booming market.

The first models to incorporate the propulsion system driven by the force of the legs were a breakthrough well accepted by the kayaker, who experienced how the distances traveled in each exit could be greater optimizing physical fatigue and resisting at better speeds. In those pioneering models, the operation was caused by a pedalboard that, when activated, moved underwater a propeller that allowed the kayak to move through the water. However, those propeller pedal kayaks have been gradually displaced by those using a fin system.

How does a pedal kayak work?

Unlike the rowing kayak, in which the arms are the ones that exert most of the effort to move the kayak, in the pedal kayak the legs are the protagonists. It is no coincidence that it supposes a great advantage: the quadriceps, responsible for exerting most of the driving force in the pedaling, are the largest muscle group in the human body and, in turn, the strongest. Therefore, depending on the legs to exercise the displacement of the kayak, not only supposes a window in terms of resistance or speed, but also in safety.

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The pedal system that began to become popular a few years ago, in which a propeller was used to propel the kayak underwater, proved to be less efficient than the new fin system, where the body of water is literally dragged to cause displacement. The propellers rotate on themselves imitating the operation of a small motor, but without the same capacity. Therefore, the fins are already the queens of the pedal kayak market, and the Galaxy Kayaks models that stand out in this field, also incorporate them. The system of fins that incorporate these kayaks require little maintenance and its mechanical part helps to drag the water as if it were underwater shovels that push it. Thus, the natural movement that is exerted is minimal and causes a great capacity for displacement.

Best pedal kayaks

The Galaxy Wahoo was the first pedal kayak launched by Galaxy Kayaks. It was a great impact, since it is a hybrid kayak that gives you a choice between pedal or motor propulsion. Later, the Galaxy Supernova arrived, with larger dimensions and large capacity for space and equipment.

However, these models of pedal kayaks, which have been bestsellers, were based on the old propeller system. In recent years, an iconic model of fishing kayaks, the Galaxy Alborán, was redesigned to incorporate a pedal version, renamed Alborán FX. And in the past 2021, a new exclusive model with pedalboard was designed and launched on the market: the Galaxy Explora FX. Both pedal kayaks base their operation on the aforementioned fin system, a guaranteed success that enjoys a very positive review among regular kayak users. In addition, prices have been optimized without jeopardizing the quality of the materials, so pedal kayaks are affordable for all audiences.

The Galaxy Alborán taken to its maximum performance

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In the field of kayak fishing there is a model that stands out for years above all others. The Galaxy Alboran was designed by and for anglers looking to have it all. The perfect balance between comfort on board, stability, speed, standard equipment, storage space... the Alboran has been the safe purchase for the kayak fisherman par excellence.

And if it was already a reference model in its rowing version, the incorporation of the fin pedalboard was a before and after. One of the main advantages of a pedal fishing kayak is that it allows you to have your hands free to fish while we move or correct a drift. In addition, we can also correct rigging, prepare the rods, perform trolling with the rod in hand... therefore, the Galaxy Alborán FX is the most popular pedal fishing kayak model on our coasts. The Alboran FX kayak comes equipped as standard with the Ultraline-Flippers fin system, giving great speed and reliability in navigation to this fishing kayak. In addition, its Voyager FX seat offers up to three positions to offer the greatest possible comfort on board. Four rails for mounting accessories, Railblaza ports, built-in pole-and-line, a large bow tambucho and a large bathtub in the back add to the nursery for bait under the position of the legs. The Galaxy Alboran FX underwent a major update in 2021 (Alboran FX2) that make it, without a doubt, the perfect kayak for sea fishing.

Galaxy Explora FX: the new model of fin kayak for all audiences

Offering all the benefits to which the Alborán model has accustomed us and reducing the dimensions without harming stability or speed is extremely complicated. However, the continuous desire to improve and the investment in research that is executed from Galaxy Kayaks, allowed last year to present a pedal kayak model that offers almost everything that the Alborán but in 84 centimeters in length less.

The Galaxy Explora FX is a pedal kayak model that offers the versatility of being as good for fishing as it is for walking. Its smaller dimensions do not mean a loss of stability, and the construction of its hull continues to give a great relationship with its speed. In addition, it maintains the elements that make its older brother stand out: rectangular nursery, bow tambucho, large bathtub and a comfortable seat. The two rails on both sides also allow to incorporate accessories of all kinds and their built-in canes, located just behind the seat, make clear the intention to practice trolling fishing.

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The Galaxy Explora FX offers balanced qualities of weight, stability, speed, equipment and pedal system, sacrificing a little space on board and reducing its price. For the user who is clear that he wants a multipurpose kayak, which weighs little and does not occupy so much space (even sacrificing a little speed), the Galaxy Explora is the best possible option at a very contained price.

Paddle kayak or pedals, which option to choose?

Like almost all decisions, there is no universal answer, as it is a personal choice. From Galaxy Kayaks we invite you to reflect on our limitations and strengths, our use of the kayak and establish criteria that support the final decision.

If we want to buy a kayak, either for walking or fishing, and we suffer from some type of injury or discomfort in shoulders, elbows or wrists, or we feel when paddling that our upper joints suffer excessively, the decision to kayak pedal or paddle is a purely safety vision. When we climb aboard a kayak we must be sure that in the event of any unforeseen event or need to leave the water, we can do it without difficulty and in the shortest possible time. Therefore, if our limitation is physical, the best option is to opt for a pedal kayak, as the chances of suffering an injury on board are reduced.

Although the purists continue to bet on rowing models, the truth is that in the field of fishing, a pedal kayak is also a great advantage, as we have mentioned earlier in this article.

Advantages of pedal kayaking:

  • Greater resistance that offers the possibility of covering longer distances
  • Faster browsing speed
  • Hands-free for other activities
  • Lower risk of injury
  • Suitable for anyone
  • Stealth in the water: it does not produce splashing, so the feeling of immersion is greater

Advantages of paddle kayaking

  • No extra maintenance required
  • Best model for kayak purists
  • Core work: its rowing practice produces a strengthening of the abdominal girdle and arms