Hello friends, when it comes to choosing which kayak to buy we will see that GALAXY KAYAKS works so that it finds in the market kayaks that adapt to all the tastes and modalities, but we are not always sure of which one suits us more, and it is from this of which I will speak to you a little today, and I will try to get you out of some doubts that always arise on this topic.

Important points to consider when choosing our new kayak:

  1. Place where we will develop our days of fishing, lake, sea, river.
  2. Modalities of fishing that we are going to practice more.
  3. Storage place we have for our kayak.

At the time of buying a fishing kayak we will have heard this: kayak with more sleeve (wider) and less length (less long) to practice fishing at anchor, (being still) and a kayak with less beam (narrower) and more length (longer) to practice fishing (running), trolling, jigging drifts, etc. This is why it is important that we analyze the different possibilities, taking into account the speed, stability and storage and transport needs that each one has.

Which kayak is best for fishing? Which one is more stable?

To fish I have in GALAXY MARLIN 4.38, although if not it would erect the kayak is self-emptying and as resistant as possible, this gives you a lot of security when you are on top of it in your fishing days, from there you will have to choose what type of kayak you will want to buy based on your needs and places or fishing styles, and for this GALAXY KAYAK offers you this wide range that satisfies the tastes and needs of each fisherman.

I want a kayak to start, affordable, that weighs little and occupies little space and can shovel and fish in calm waters:

We can choose models like: Galaxy Blaze, Galaxy CruzGalaxy Rider 

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To enjoy your hobby as a couple or accompanied these are the tandem models: Cruz Fisher TandemTandem Fisher Vista

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Special range for high performance fishing kayaks over 4 meters long: Galaxy MarlinGalaxy Alborán

Pedal or motor kayak: Galaxy Wahoo S