We do not discover anything new when we affirm that sport, in any of its disciplines, has innumerable virtues and no defects about people. The different activities allow, in addition to improving our physical and mental condition, to promote socialization, strengthen ties with existing relationships, be a source of fun and adrenaline. Continuing with the most social aspect, we distinguish two large groups of sports depending on the involvement of one or more people for the practice of the activity: individual or collective sports.

A positive and very beneficial aspect of kayaking as a sport is that it can be categorized into both groups. If we have an individual sea kayak, which we use either for fishing or sailing, we will not need anyone else to practice its use (although we always recommend going out with more kayakers). If, on the other hand, we want to share that experience, penetrate teamwork and sail with company on board, we will opt for a double kayak, and we will be facing a team sport.

Main uses of two-seater kayaks

The possibilities and benefits provided by a kayak for two people are many. On the one hand, we make sure to share this attractive hobby with other people, whether it can be a family member, a friend or your partner. Even in the case of the Galaxy Cruz Tandem 2 + 1, it is prepared so that two adults and a child can navigate in the center, so the enjoyment extends to the family environment.

In the event that our hobby is to fish, a double or tandem kayak will provide us with great satisfaction. As long as care is taken not to entangle the fishing lines, trolling can be a lot of fun, and even competitive, aboard these types of two-person kayaks. In deep-sea or chamber fishing, we will increase the volume of catches per outlet. In addition, you can share fishing tools and accessories and thus optimize the number of elements with which we travel by kayak.

In the area of the walk, there are no limits either. Many couples or friends enjoy double kayaks every summer to access hidden coves where there is less overcrowding of bathers. In addition, the geography of our coasts has great landscapes and caves that can only be accessed aboard a kayak or similar. As an extra, it is worth noting the fabulous cardiovascular and muscular effort that is made when shoveling in a kayak.

The best double kayak. Fishing or walking?

Often, in the variety of tandem kayak, we find the possibility of choosing between those that are intended for fishing and those that are for walking. In the first case, double fishing kayaks usually have extra equipment that is usually necessary for this activity. For example, the Fisher Vista Tandem, considered the best double kayak within the world of fishing, comes equipped with comfortable high seats, four built-in pole-and-liners, accessory mounting rail and two extra compartments (in addition to the main tambuchos). The addition of the high seat facilitates the paleo action and is an extra comfort for both passengers. As a con, this model is not intended to include a third child crew.

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The tandem solo 2+1 double kayak, meanwhile, also has four built-in canes and two main tambuchos. Although it does not have lanes, you can find incorporated anchors strategically located for the inclusion of accessory elements (more canes, support for action camera, etc.). Therefore, although this kayak is not specifically designed for fishing, it is also suitable for it.

How to paddle in a double kayak

Sailing in a double kayak is an exercise in rapport and attunement. It should be practiced a little before entering a more extensive excursion, since tandem kayaks are longer, heavier and somewhat more complex to turn, depending on the synergy between the two individuals.

It must be taken into account first of all that the paddler who is going to take the rhythm must be put in the front, but not the direction. This means that the person who is behind must be guided by the first to execute their movements in terms of the advance of the kayak. For its part, the one who is located at the stern (back) of the double kayak, has a complete vision of what happens at all times, and must try to match the strokes of the partner who is in front of him or her, while being the person in charge of correcting possible turns that could occur. That is, if the kayak turns to the right, the paddler in the back must give a strong shovel on the right side to correct the course.

In short, the most experienced, strongest and heaviest person should sit in the back of the two-seater kayak, as he performs a helmsman role. The synchronization between the two paddlers, patience and will are key factors to enjoy sailing in this type of kayaks for two people. In case it became a matter of discussion, you can always opt for two individual kayaks and share the hobby... each from their own personal space.

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What is the price of a double kayak?

At this point, perhaps the most important thing is to have already made the decision to acquire a double fishing kayak or a walk kayak.

If we opt for the Galaxy Tandem Fisher Vista fishing kayak, we can buy it from € 929, including rails, compartment for probe transducer, 2 Railblaza cane, 4 built-in canes and 3 boxes of rigging. In addition, it includes the choice between low or high seats depending on what we prefer. However, in Galaxy Kayaks there is the possibility of acquiring packs of each kayak model, something that greatly benefits when it comes to economic savings. The pack Fisher Vista Atlantic Ocean Tandem includes, in addition to the aforementioned kayak, a cart to transport it easily and two life jackets, all for just € 1012.

If fishing is not your thing or it is a very sporadic activity, the ideal is to opt for the pack del Cruz Tandem Paseo, which for less than € 800 includes the complete kayak, two life jackets and a transport cart.

Ready to enjoy a summer in company aboard a double kayak?