On many occasions, during these important dates, we tend to have certain problems when choosing the perfect gift for our children, parents, siblings, partners or friends. In fact, sometimes we tend to buy items that are not needed or they end up collecting dust in the corner of the storage room.

However, giving away sports, health and the great outdoors never fails. The sport of kayaking, whether for leisure or fishing, is an investment that will surely be appreciated, while promoting a healthy lifestyle and contact with the natural environment.

Here are 12 ideas to give this Christmas related to sea kayaking.

Double kayak

This is a more than advisable option if you are trying to give something to share as a gift. At Galaxy Kayaks we have several models of double kayaks, which differ mainly in whether your destination is focused on fishing or leisure. In the first category, the Tandem Solo Fisher 2 + 1 is a kayak designed for fishing and with capacity for 2 adults and a child. It includes two rod holders embedded in the bow and another two in the stern and another two swivels (one for each adult user). In addition, it also has two lockers at the foot of each seat, very useful for storing our fishing tackle and other supplies.

Electronics on board

Nowadays gps sonar equipment has become very important elements when equipping our kayaks. It may be a good time to give away that first team, or to make the leap to a better one. The Garmin Striker Vivid 4cv probe , for example, is a highly recommended option for those looking to start with an element of these characteristics and do not want to spend too much. Very easy to use, this Garmin sonar allows you to mark points of interest while sharing the split screen with the seabed sonar. Its CHIRP frequency gives it great scanning precision, and it also includes built-in Quickdraw Cotours mapping software.

Life jacket

Life jackets, in addition to being mandatory, represent an extra storage on board that allows us to have objects of interest close at hand. For this reason, the Pro Angler Vest with mesh back from Galaxy Kayaks, it is one of the most used products as a Christmas gift. It covers two needs: to give something useful as a gift and also to ensure the safety of that person.

Watertight bag

It is an accessory that is missed when it is too late. It can be used to store dry clothes, valuables, or even food. A watertight bag can be stored inside the kayak without taking up space or hardly any weight and, nevertheless, it can be very useful when the time comes. This one that we recommend is made of tear-resistant PVC and with a folding clip closure.

Dry clothes

Without the kayak carts, everything would be more difficult. As little as a kayak weighs, the help it gives to transport our boat to the water or the vehicle is essential for our back. The Lazy Boys H buggy with balloon wheels, in addition, it has the peculiarity that it does not sink into the sand, no matter how much the kayak it carries weighs. It facilitates its transport and does not require more maintenance than a simple wash with fresh water after each outing.

These are some of the items that we recommend to give away this Christmas. Without a doubt, all of them very useful and included in a wide range of prices. And you, what are you going to give (to) yourself this Christmas?