Fishing from kayak is widespread and well-established in our country. There are many factors that make sea kayaking an ideal way to enjoy long days at sea. Sea kayaking is the means of transport that can be navigated closer to the coast. However, the legal requirements on distance for fishing are the same as for a motor boat. But the kayak fisherman knows perfectly well that the advantages offered by this artifact compared to any other boat, put it directly as one of the favorites for sport fishermen.

  1. Economy.

Sea kayaks are more and more equipped and the level of sophistication is very high. So much so that a very high-end fishing kayak, with all the equipment, electronics and accessories, can come very close in budget to that of a small boat. However, the kayak, once purchased, does not require extra maintenance or fuel. Human propulsion and sweetening with clean water after each outing are the only two tasks that a sea kayak requires of us.

On the other hand, a fishing kayak does not require extra expenses for its storage, since it can be stored at any address. A ship or zodiac, however, requires more space or a mooring in port, which increases the cost.

  1. Ease of transportation.

Any vehicle supports the installation of roof racks, whether inflatable or rigid, on the roof. Only with this and two ratchet straps, you can move your kayak to any point of the coast to be able to fish. When entering the water we can face the inconvenience of having to move our fishing kayak from the car park to the shore, and for that, a kayak cart is the perfect accessory that will facilitate this task. The freedom of which we speak, makes the kayak fisherman enjoy fishing areas that are not very accessible from boats almost without effort. A plus, again, for the fishing kayak.

  1. Silence and maneuverability.

The kayak is a super-friendly means of transport with the natural environment. It does not give off any type of residue and also does not emit noise that can alter marine life. This not only provides respect and maintenance for the environment, but a fishing kayak blends in such a way in the sea that it does not scare the fish when fishing.

On the other hand, although a kayak is moved by the current and the tides more easily due mainly to its weight, its easy maneuverability will allow us to get to the point where we were previously fishing in an agile and fast way.

  1. A healthy sport

As a fourth strong point with which to defend that kayak fishing is the ideal way to practice at sea, we must emphasize that it is a very healthy sport and suitable for everyone. The paddle fishing kayak will strengthen our upper body, shoulders, arms and abdominal girdle. While the pedal-powered kayaks will help to develop our lower body, complete legs and also abdominal and lumbar area. Therefore, whether fishing or walking, in addition to enjoying the natural environment and the peace that it provides, we contribute to improving our health. The perfect plan, right?

  1. A recognized and federated practice

Such is the increase in practitioners of this modality from kayak fishing, that the number of provincial, regional and state competitions have also increased exponentially. Currently almost in every point of the Mediterranean coast and part of the Atlantic, there are federated clubs that carry out competitions throughout the year. In addition, the Federations of different Communities, such as Andalusian or Spanish, also organize regional and national championships. So if you are looking for competitiveness, there is also it on board a fishing kayak.