Full warranty on the hull of the kayak for 2 YEARS!


All galaxy kayaks are made of the best materials on the market.


The hull is made of polyethylene LDEP- 5 mm thick and UV resistant.

The kayak is molded in one piece using "Rotomolding"advanced technology.


The rubber we use for the drain plugs and the laterals bags is of highest quality (Grade A). Galaxy kayaks are manufactured with the utmost care.


All fasteners are made of stainless steel except the rings embedded in the mould, these are made of copper to maximize adherence to the hull.


Since July 2013 all galvanized fasteners have been changed to marine grade stainless steel screws to maximize adherence and strengthen joints.


Please keep your receipt as proof of purchase and make sure it has a date on it please.


At Galaxy Kayaks we are proud of our customer service and we are always here to help in a friendly and informal yet professional manner.


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