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Kayak Safety:
Get qualified instruction for the type of craft and equipment you will use, and follow safe practices.

 In addition:

  1. Never go kayaking alone
  2. Never go out without a personal floatation device
  3. Obtain certified first-aid training
  4. Wear appropriate clothing and dress for weather and water conditions
  5. Never leave without checking all your equipment
  6. Never go out in dangerous conditions
  7. Never paddle in flood conditions
  8. Never leave without checking the weather conditions
  9. Be aware of river water levels, tidal changes, dangerous currents, underwater hazards, and weather changes
  10. Always notify friends and family of where you go and how long it will take
  11. Make sure your mobile phone is well stored in a waterproof bag
  12. Always take a radio with you to communicate with fellow paddlers and the coastguard or relevant authorities
  13. Always take all necessary safety equipment: knife, flashlight, whistle, radio etc
  14. Never go without necessities like water, sun cream, a hat, sun glasses and some high energy food (like an energy bar)

 I understand that paddling involves certain risks including but not limited to the risk of serious injury or death. I freely agree to assume full responsibility for the risks involved.

 By checking this box you accept the above conditions and agree to our Terms and Conditions.


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