Why is the Alboran FX the best fishing kayak?

The fishing kayak Alboran became, in its first versions, a reference kayak in the Spanish market. Its great versatility, wide stability and good standard equipment were some of the strengths that sea kayak users valued.

The fervent evolution that has put pedal kayaks in a privileged context, led Galaxy Kayaks to reinvent this already fantastic Alboran in order to meet the needs of this public I wanted to navigate hands-free. Thus was born the Alboran FX.

The presence of a nursery and the pre-installation of accessories for almost any corner of the kayak was a declaration of intent: it was a kayak designed by and for the sport fisherman.

The Alboran FX fishing kayak was a huge breakthrough, competing in the market with other major pedal kayak brands but suddenly taking the top positions due to its incredible value for money.

Alboran FX 2020 and 2021. Sea kayak update

The dimensions of both versions of Alboran FX are identical: 409 centimeters in length, 80 centimeters in sleeve, 40 centimeters in height and around 35 kg in weight. It continues, thus, providing that balance between speed and stability that so characterizes this model of sea kayak. However, it does update several aspects to improve what was already the kayak for fishing par excellence.

Pedalboard support plates. One of the first novelties that we find is the incorporation of some reinforcement plates in the support of the pedalboard. Thus, it is possible to increase its firmness and durability by replacing said metal plates with the previous inserts that the 2020 model incorporates.

Kayak a pedales

Great update of the hatch-nursery. Another great novelty, perhaps the most visible at first glance, is the change of the central hatch. Thus, a rectangular nursery is included that replaces the previous one, in a circular format and smaller dimensions. This also benefits the interior capacity, either using it as a compartment to store objects, or as a nursery for bait. Also, the 2021 version of this fishing kayak Alboran FX2 includes inside the hatch a customizable dividing box to have the elements organized to our liking.


New position of the rudder handleAlthough the handle itself is identical, since it has been highly praised, the difference is in the possibility of installing it further back to find the most comfortable position for each fisherman.

Galaxy Kayaks print. It is an aesthetic improvement, rather than a functional one. But the embossed inclusion of the Galaxy logo occupying the aft cockpit adds a further sophistication to this Alboran FX2.

Oversized rudder. This is an update that already incorporated the latest versions of the 2020 Alboran FX. In this case, this oversized rudder is included from the beginning and represents a notable improvement in the navigation of this sea ​​kayak.

Pre-installation for engine. Another great novelty of this Galaxy Kayaks FX2 is the factory inclusion of the inserts for the installation of a Torqeedo motor without the need to make any holes or modifications to our kayak. This has been very well received, since the combination of Alboran FX and Torqeedo motor is considered one of the best possible today for sailing with sea kayak and electric motor.

In detail:

We also leave you a comparative video between both versions of Alboran FX.