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Motores elétricos para caiaques Bixpy. Explore novas fronteiras na água com potência e versatilidade

Caiaque é uma maneira emocionante de navegar por mares e lagos, mas você já imaginou levar sua experiência de navegação para o próximo nível com um motor elétrico? Os motores elétricos de caiaque Bixpy estão aqui para fazer exatamente isso. Com sua potência, versatilidade e design inovador, os motores Bixpy permitem que você explore novas fronteiras na água de uma maneira que nunca experimentou antes.

Electric motors for Bixpy kayaks. Explore new frontiers on the water with power and versatility

Kayaking is an exciting way to navigate seas and lakes, but have you ever imagined taking your boating experience to the next level with an electric motor? Bixpy electric kayak motors are here to do just that. With their power, versatility and innovative design, Bixpy motors allow you to explore new frontiers on the water in a way you have never experienced before.

Bixpy, quality kayak motors

Bixpy is a California-based company focused on manufacturing innovative electric outboard motor systems and energy storage systems for the water sports enthusiast.

Bixpy is an industry leading manufacturer of electric motors for small boats, and their line of kayak motors does not disappoint. These motors are designed with adventurers and outdoorsmen in mind who want to expand their possibilities on the water. Whether you want to cover longer distances, brave currents or simply enjoy an effortless sailing experience, Bixpy motors are designed to adapt to your needs and push you beyond your limits.

One of the main advantages of Bixpy electric motors is their ease of installation and use. These motors are compact, lightweight, and easy to mount to most kayaks. Whether you have a fishing, recreational or inflatable kayak, Bixpy motors can be easily adapted to your boat without requiring complicated modifications. In addition, its modular design allows you to adjust the motor according to your preferences and specific needs.

Power is another prominent feature of Bixpy motors. These electric motors have exceptional performance, allowing you to sail at impressive speeds and easily overcome currents or headwinds. With the power of a Bixpy engine, you can travel longer distances and explore previously inaccessible areas, broadening your horizons and discovering exciting new places.

In addition to their powerful performance, Bixpy motors are also extremely versatile. You can choose from a variety of mounting options, such as mounting on the stern, on the bow, or on a kayak-specific motor mount. This gives you the flexibility to tailor the motor to suit your preferences and the characteristics of your kayak. Furthermore, Bixpy engines are compatible with a wide range of additional accessories, allowing you to further customize your browsing experience.

Bixpy motors for kayaks, take the experience of sailing to the limit

But the browsing experience with Bixpy engines isn't just limited to the engine itself. The manufacturer also offers a wide range of accessories that complement and enhance your kayak experience. These accessories are designed with comfort, safety and practicality in mind.

One of Bixpy's most popular accessories is its high capacity battery. These batteries are long-lasting and give you a long ride life, allowing you to explore for hours without worrying about power. Additionally, Bixpy batteries are lightweight and portable, making them easy to transport and store.

Another useful accessory is the wireless remote control. This accessory allows you to easily control the speed and direction of the motor from the comfort of your seat in the kayak. With an intuitive remote control, you can navigate effortlessly and focus on enjoying your surroundings without distraction.

In addition, Bixpy also offers a variety of mounting kits and adapters to ensure safe and reliable installation on different types of kayaks. These accessories ensure a solid connection between the motor and your kayak, giving you a vibration-free and stable boating experience.


Customers reviews

Rui Manuel V.
Muito Bom
Kayak muito seguro e estável. Muito bom para pesca em mar.
Jose S.
kayak impresionante
la verdad que de lo mejorsito que eh probado,super estable,seguro, casi perfecto,solo tengo una queja y es el...
Iván Jesús P.
Muy contento con la compra el trato a sido perfecto y el envío súper rápido ¡¡ Un 10 a todo !!


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